Shelly Belly (lilbailey) wrote,
Shelly Belly

Fagerstrom, I know you're in there!

Two more days! :)

Happy 60th Birthday to my Dad (tomorrow, though we're celebrating today, and tomorrow)!

And thank goodness for Trader Joe's for having lentils.

I have awesome new glasses, because I am blind as a bat. Although I always wear contacts, I thought actually getting some cute frames for a change would be nice, to have the option. My sister says they give me character. I'm cool with that.

EDIT: Grr, stupid link, HERE ARE MY NEW GLASSES.

COUNTRYSIDE0CW6001.jpg picture by Kris14

Eww, I smell like garlic. Last time I use garlic. And onions. Bleh.


Tags: birthday, conan o'brien, glasses, lentils, video
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