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Duckie should have won!

I may be a little more than very behind the times, but I just watched "Pretty in Pink" for the first time...and hated the ending. I loved Duckie from the moment he walked on screen. I liked the characters...kinda. Nah, its like one of those moments where you go "If I had written this thing, I would have done it this way". I'm annoyed. And weirded out by the styles. Oh 80's, how you did the world wrong. But Duckie was cool, oh so cool.

I have nothing clever for the subject line...meh. Summer Book List, Bug Car, Warpaint

I'm feeling really optimistic and I hope this lasts. I feel like I'm finding a new lease (sp?) on life, and I'm ready to get up and do!

Went to go look at the Bug today, gonna get a call, the kid who's selling it is from my high school, not all that surprising because I live in such a small town, but still, its cool. It might be a little funny, but actually it might make the whole experience better than I felt. Observation, the kid looks just like his Dad, who was there and was really cool.

The Bug is a really good price, and there are a few subtle things wrong (windsheld wipers, easy fix; blinkers moved by a previous owner, probably can't move them back, but no biggie, can get those working too; broken latch on the front; would need a paint job, but that's in the way future, and I'd totally keep it the orange :D

Book reading list for the Summer! I just finished Paper Towns by John Green last night. WOW! I loved it so much! This is his third book, I've also read his first two and its amazing to see him improve and evolve as a writer, he just hit the nail so dead on with this one, wowza! It's a good read, I recommend it highly.

1. Lewis Carrol - Alice in Wonderland
2. Jack - Kerouac - On the Road
3. Neil Gaiman - Stardust, Coraline, The Graveyard Book
4. Sylvia Plath - The Bell Jar
5. Mary Shelley - Frankenstein
6. Bram Stoker - Dracula
7. L. Frank Baum - The Wizard of Oz
8. Dave Eggers - A Heartbreaking Work of Staggering Genius (I actually have been reading this one since Fall 06, no joke, I need to finish it)

Well that's all for now on the reading list. I'm still super jazzed for Paper Towns.

On a side note, why are my parents so dysfuntional? I just don't get it. This sounds horrible, but I hope that's something I don't inherite, though its not all one's fault, my Mom even I don't get at times, and my Dad isn't the greatest at understanding, he's stubborn, and that gets annoying in and on so many different levels. Oi.

The heat. Oh boy, the heat. And it hasn't even gotten to 100 degrees of summer yet...

Check out the Warpaint Community (I co-maintain)! I love this band, and I hope to go see them, maybe in July. If I'm ever so lucky :)

I hope everyone's doing well!
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The only good Alt Station around here, its gone.

I'm just so sad. They announced it maybe late last night, early this morning. That was it.  No big warning. Now what am I gonna listen to? I'll have to lug around my CDs whereever I go. I mean a small sacrafice, but what other station played Foo Fighters, Nirvana, The Clash, Chilis.
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Begining of Summerfest '09

Ooo. I realized I haven't posted in a while, only because I have nothing to post about. Not to say that my life has been uneventful, life has been happening, but It's been neither thrilling or exciting. I'm still majorly happy for summer! And hopefully some summer fun soon, shopping for fun fun dresses. Ladies and Gents, I come from a different decade and I think that decade is the 1960's, mix in the 1950's too, but mostly the 1960's. I love vintage everything, and reminded myself I had some Frank Sinatra music and am now enjoying his swinging music immensely.

And there was this super cute deep purple dress at and now its sold out, so that makes me very pouty. I look for a job this week. It is my quest. Although I shouldn't complain in any way, life is really good actually, I just need to not be fearful, and go out and enjoy the sun.
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Warpaint at The Bardot


Warpaint at The Bardot, 5/09/09

Found out via Warpaint that Bardot doesn't allow cameras.

They played a six song set that was unfortunately
marred by sound problems (feedback, etc.).

The setlist:
1. "Warpaint"
2. "Lissie"
3. "Beetles"
4. "Elephants"
5. "Majesty"
6. "Burgundy" (uptempo version like @ The Smell)

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Susan G. Komen Cancer Walk

I walked 3 miles today before 10:00 am, got a blister, even though I was wearing socks. I have a headache and I'm tired, but I did a good thing, I feel. But ow. I'm going to go eat, and shower, and sleep, and band-aid my toe, and wrap Mother's Day presents. And sleep I think. Research about the Bug I want to get, work on my talk for next week (ehh!), begin reading "Paper Towns" by John Green and offically kick off the summer reading. And next week I'll meet with a counsler and sign up for classes for fall, and then begin applying for jobs, like everywhere, because I've never had a job before=no experience=I can't be picky and must be greatful for money.

I did get to watch like 50 year old women dance to Nirvana's "Come As You Are" during the race, wasn't a total loss. :p


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Picture Spam!

My today was amazing, how was yours? After a 3 day rain, the world is nice and moist and it is beautiful and sunny. All is right.

And my dog Pal is better! Not all better,  but he's totally walking and wagging his tail and very happy, which makes me happy. He has to be on antibodies and get some treatment for ticks, but woo! He's old so we were way overly worried, but he's a tough little thing, so he still lives at 17! He is now sleeping, and I am now happy. To the pictures!

sky050609.jpg picture by Kris14
The beautiful sunny day today.

gardenflowers.jpg picture by Kris14
The new flowers in my garden I planted today, yay!

My new no more sick dog, in three parts.

palbetter1.jpg picture by Kris14
He posed.

palbetter2.jpg picture by Kris14
Then gave up on me, and continued to lick his paw.

palbetter3.jpg picture by Kris14
Then ignored me completely. But I still love him.

Oh, and here's some wonderful words by Jenny Lee, of Warpaint:

TDOA:Any band/musician you’d like to banish from the planet in an effort to save us all?

JL: Never.  I feel for all people creating anything, and who am I to judge?  I may not like it, but that doesn’t mean I have the right to say it’s bad.  What’s bad to me could be the best thing in the universe to another.  Perhaps even life changing.  So, on that note, to each her own. 

<3 Yay!


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It's Alive (Woof!)

The dog might be okay! Apparently he's got this Tick thing, yeah, actual ticks that can release toxic chemicals (stay away from my dog you fools!) His bloodwork they did while we were there was all good (kidneys, heart) but they also found 3 ticks on him, and my Dad's been taking him on hikes he takes up in the mountains in the morning, so he's gotten some medicine to kill off the ticks and we'll get to pick him up at 5 (after I have an eye doctor appointment) and see how he is, they have him now for observation. Ooo! A phone call just came in from the Animal Hospital Place and they say he's walking now! And tired but improving!

:D Fiesta! :D

I gardened today with my Dad. I bought some daisies and a tropical flower and planted them. We also have potatoes and tomatoes and peppers. Yay summer. And I didn't at all mind getting dirty, I'm totally embracing nature and loving it. I can't wait until I can get some Indian clothes I saw, that's will be awesome.

Oh! And I found an Orange Bug Car for sale! For like $2000. And the parents said they might buy it for me, and then I'd pay them back of course, but yay! I'll get the car I've been wanting for cheap and oh, I'm excited if this pans though. Isn't it amazing how life can change like this so quickly, and you get really blessed sometimes? I feel like the luckiest person right now, hurra!

I hope everyone's days are going well!

Note to self: buy some fake silk daisies at the store and make oneself a hippie crown, just cause.
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Sad :(

My dog may be dying. And I've been crying. And being upset for the past hour (when I found out). I did take him for a walk this morning and he was fine, but now he's been sleeping all day and he can't walk, and we're gonna take him to the vet tomorrow. But I've still been crying. I mean he's old, but this is still so depressing.

Please vote for Warpaint, it would make me happy if they win, because they would win a free master recording. Ends tomorrow (May 6th) at 11:59p PST.

There is Garth's Donut man, Wayne's World is one of those movies that I can watch time and time again, and never get sick of it , and it always makes me laugh out loud.

So much thanks to kiifrootloop for capping this for me. <3 I think I'll make an icon out of it eventually.

kiifrootloopdounutmangarth.jpg picture by Kris14

kiifrootloopdounutman.jpg picture by Kris14

Ahh Dana Carvey. Another man on my unofficial "hot over 50" list (though he wasn't when he made this movie) *IMDB search* 54 in June?! Holy moley.

I'm going to sleep. I'm depressed. And hungry and tired. I'm just upset in general.